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Garage Door on the House We Bought Had Multiple Problems by Chris M.

I requested someone to come out to install a keypad and adjust the motor mechanics on my garage door. They quoted me a price over the phone and we set up an appointment for the next day. Two technicians came out.

They quickly installed the keypad and also brought additional supplies to make the motor connected to ‘the cloud’ so that the garage can be controlled via phone or the Google Assistant. I decided to not add the Internet-connected capabilities, which they were fine with. Also, when adding the keypad, they turned away when asking me to enter my key code, as a nod towards security, which I appreciated.

They also tuned the motor so that the door always opened all the way (it usually only opened 70% of the way…) and so that it ran quieter.

They also noted that the ‘manual unlock’ feature on the door was not working. They did not push me to fix it but noted that I would be unable to open the garage door when the power was out. This is a problem for me since we have no door leading into the garage from our house. Their comment actually reminded me of at least one time when the power went out and I was unable to go into the garage to get flashlights. We also keep food in there in case of emergencies. So I decided to get the ‘manual unlock’ replaced. They replaced it and showed me how to operate it.

They communicated clearly and were reasonably priced. I plan to use them for future garage door needs.