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Add A Little Love To Your Home

Your garage, so often taken for granted, is actually a very useful chunk of real estate. Its visibility has a major impact on your home’s curb appeal, while its size (usually at least 400 square feet) opens up all kinds of repurposing possibilities.

It is important to remember to choose a door that compliments you home’s aesthetic design. If you have a ranch or Spanish style home -the last thing you wanna do is buy a modern door. Your best choice wood be a new carriage style door with a nice faux finish, which save you money as you add value to your home.

Add interest to your garage — not to mention resale value to your home – with classic carriage house style that’s quick and easy to do yourself. Revamp your sun-ravaged, faded aluminum garage door with a a convincing-looking faux wood finish that will make your home look better than ever!