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Does Your Garage Door Reflect Your Lifestyle?

Installing an upgraded garage door to match your home’s unique style is one of the best investments you can make, with an average ROI of over 98% according to the survey from Remodeling Magazine.

Add A Little Love To Your Home

It is important to remember to choose a door that compliments you home’s aesthetic design.

Great Service and Competitive pricing

recently had my detached garage door replaced by A-1. They were able to give me an estimate and complete the project in 1 week. They always arrived within the time window they promised.

Improve Your Home Security

Your family’s safety is your top priority, and a new garage door can help protect your home so you can sleep better at night.

In Southern California -A Garage Door Matters

The garage door is part of the house and it is important to consider this when upgrading your garage door or if you are remodeling your home.

Benefit 1: Let In the Light

The most obvious benefit of modern glass garage doors is their ability to let in natural light.
Sure, cut out window panels on other doors let in some light, but a full glass garage door is on another level.

Benefit 2: Save Space

The seams of the horizontal panels are on flexible hinges. This allows the door to slide into the open position, suspended from the ceiling, without taking up any space in front of the garage as it rises.

Benefit #3: Strength and Reliability

Since they are lightweight and rust resistant, the operation of these doors is quiet too. What’s not to love?

Benefit #4: Colors to Fit Any Style

You can choose any type of colored glass you want for your garage door panels, in addition to whatever style and finish your heart desires.

Benefit #5: Boost Your Curb Appeal

Thinking of selling your home? A modern glass garage door can enhance your home’s facade.